AMD & Nvidia Face Lawsuit For Price Fixing



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well, personally, i just dont see much point in this. prices for nvidia and ati/amd gpus  have seemed pretty reasonable to me over the years. seems to me is that competitive pricing always manages to hurt someone. sure consumers get products for lower prices, then the company is forced to make budget costs for losses caused by lowering prices to be competitive. usually resulting in layoffs. i dont usually give my opinion, but thats just wht i think. but seriously is this all worth shaving a few bucks off a gpus thats already a good bang for the buck. well thats my 2 cents worth, now i can continue not giving a damn



straight from the website

"All individuals and entities who purchased graphics processing
card products online from defendants’ websites in the United States
during the period from December 4, 2002, to November 7, 2007

one of the requirements, it seems, is that you have to had purchased the card online from either of their sites. oh well, so much for that.


Keith E. Whisman

Cool I wonder what the settlement will be? Perhaps discounts for video cards? Awsome. This is good. Anti competitive laws are in place in the US for a reason and it's good to see people enforce these laws. I would love to see people go after the gas companies and stations next. 



I hope that this does mean droped prices... if that happens then i think it would finally be time to get a 4870X2 card lol or maby 2 of them!



Actually gas stations, especially the non-large corporate ones don't really make all that much money off gas. In fact many of them are suffering more then us consumers.

Hopefully this doesn't hurt AMD to bad, because while I'm assuming this is mostly due to ATI whom AMD purchased not all that long ago, AMD is what makes any competition in the CPU market. Plus I think AMD/ATI have really sparked competition and lower prices as of late in the GPU market.

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