AMD May Bundle Liquid Cooling Solution with FX Processors



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X3 on about time.




Considering that bulldozer has been delayed over and over and over again something tells me that the bundling of an LCS is to address a tdp issue they can't seem to overcome. Kind of like when Nvidia and ATI (AMD) switched over to dual slot coolers so they could manage the increased heat of their GPU's. It'll be interesting to see what happens if/when bulldozer ever manages to make it to market.

Also, bulldozer better be able to swamp Sandy Bridge seeing as that's Intel's mainstream part. The real test will be when Ivy Bridge arrives and how those two will stack up against one another. AMD definitely has their work cut out for them. Whatever happens, I just want to see some friggin competition again and watch those prices stay low.



I just upgraded my mobo to a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7.  It was the only AMD based board that would let me take my SLI setup, sound card & raid card (all PCI Express) with me and arranged to my satisfaction - along with my Phenom II 955 CPU.  I had DDR3 waiting for an Intel build and would never have stayed with AMD anymore as their chipsets won't do SLI without resorting to hacking drivers - forget that crap.  And Nvidia is out of the chipset business from what I understand -- Nothing but nothing planned as far as an AMD board with an Nvidia chipset anymore.

But who woulda thunk it --- SLI on an AMD 990 chipset !!!  Oh so nice.  Oh what a gift!  I had to replace a dying Foxconn Destroyer with DDR2 Ram - so I picked up the 990 UD7.  Didn't like anything else - still don't.  At $250 - it's not exactly cheap and I have no more money!!!   Not for Coolers AMD -)

I - and I'm guessing others already have a cooler.  I have the original Corsair H50 and I'm fine with it.  I have a Zalman 9700 laying around.  I don't need no stinking cooler!  -)

Just the Bulldozer's please -- no added costs --  Let's just see what that CPU can do.  I couldn't afford the 2600K (only one I would've considered) and a new mobo at the moment.  Since I had the DDR3 ready to go - I just grabbed the board that would let me take my cards with me and give me an upgrade path.

So I'm stuck on the AMD side still and like every enthusiast out there would love to see Bulldozer give the Intel cpus a run for their money.  It'll be good for all of us - no matter what side of the fence you're on at the moment.

So please AMD -- Just the CPU -- and the CPU done Right.  I'll take care of the air conditioning.




The i5 2500K, which is about $220, is actually quite powerful. You might want to consider that instead of the $420 i7 2600K.

I definitely want to see AMD put great graphics INTO the cpu chip. THEN they'll have a huge advantage over intel. And if there's a similarly powerful CPU...



I think they should concentrate more on building better processors and less on marketing gimmicks.



"...only AMD and Intel haven't been real keen on going quite so far to encourage overclocking..."

Intel maybe, but AMD developed Overdrive and purposely makes a line of processors with unlocked cores ...



A liquid cooler costs what, like $40-50 on the OEM market?  Given that AMD's current hexacores cost north of $200 and this has two more cores and a die shrink, how much is this going to retail for?  I can't see it costing less than a 2600k, let alone a 2500k.  I'm not sure how this will fair vs. a 2600k, but if it does end up costing more, it damn well better offer better performance.



From that little maximum pc made picture and from what companies have been doing. i'm going to place a 70% bet on the fact that they will use an Asetek LCS with the style u see in the picture above. They first started with the Corsair H50(which i own) and then alienware got the same treatment. the LCS in their computers had the same style and more or less looked the same as the Corsair H50 and then Antec got the treatment along with a lot of gaming oem's....



But can bulldozer's performance bulldoze the intel i5s and i7s? So far, they're quite behind.



Zambezi uses AMD's new unreleased bulldozer architecture. These are not Phenom processors with a new name. According to unverified sources it swamps Sandy Bridge. We will have to wait to see the actual benchmarks.



that would be awesome, one less part i have to buy.



frothing at the mouth...........



X2 on about time



All I can say is: It's about time.

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