AMD Loses Market Share as Mobile CPU Sales Outsell Desktop for the First Time



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I hope they are able to mount a come back. Not only I'm a AMD fan, but without AMD, Intel would be allowed to go almost completely unchecked by competition and that only can only mean higher prices.  AMD's a strong company, though.  I have every faith they'll gain some ground in '09.


Keith E. Whisman

Yep AMD has been through alot of hard times over the years. AMD is not a fly by night operation. They have been building CPU's forever. I had an AMD 486 CPU back in the day because it was an almost exact copy of the Intel part.

only cheaper. 


They will do what they need to do to stay in buisness. They will survive. They have had hurdles like this befor where they make it big then they fall on their faces and then along came the Thunderbird CPU that skyrocketed AMD to stardom but then it was neck and neck with Intel until they released the Athlon64 and then they started the downward slump with intel Core cpu's. AMD will do it again.  



I predict they'll pull back through in the early spring 09.  I know they have big plans around that time, and I think we'll be pleasantly surprised.  Only time will tell, though.  I remember I used to think Intel was the only way to go- until I started building my own rigs.  I now have three computers with AMD chips, and I love them.



I hope they can bounce back as well. It's not unheard of. How many of us had written ATI off until the 4850 and 4870 launched. Everybody loves the underdog.



I really hope they can get back on their feet. AMD procs used to be so great! I still run an old 939 rig... Too bad though, it looks like AMD isn't getting up. Get ready for really high chip prices from Intel! Without competition they'll have a great time charging us high premiums for slower sillicon.

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