AMD Launches Two More Phenom II Chips



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Hello MPC,

I've bougnt a non BE Phenom II X2 last year and so lucky to find that its two remaining blocked cores still are good.

Is there any way that I can crank up its speed since it's not a BE? I've read that tweaking its HT speed is the only option available, but can lead to cpu failure if overclocked too high.




Hello maxmumPC,

I bought a non BE Phenom II X2 last year and I'm lucky to find out that two of its blocked cores are good, so right now I'm using it as Phenom II X4 B50.

Is there any way I can crank up its speed since its not a black edition? I read that the HT speed is the only property that you can tweak but can end up in complete cpu failure when overclocked too high.

My HT speed is at 200 and I've increased it to 208.

Thank you.


Keith E. Whisman

Yawn, I want to see Bulldozer. This is just more stuffing, I want my turkey. 



The 565 might be worthwhile if there are unlockable cores. I was able to unlock a 3rd core with my 555. The 4th core would not permit windows to boot. Be good for a budget build.

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