AMD Launches Eyefinity-Capable ATI FirePro V8800



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steven es morgan

    It also includes four DisplayPorts,and two DP to DVI (single-link) adapters.  DVI (single-link) adapters are an step down from (dual-link) right? And DisplayPort is an step above DVI (dual-link). And how many 30" 2560-1600 monitors have DP.



 One is built for speed and pumping out frames as fast as possible. The other is built for accurate rendering. There are other differences, but it's all in the approach.

I know it sounds like a hokey explanation but when you do something like video editing on a gaming card, then on something like this you go, "Oh, it really makes a huge difference". Then you say the same thing when you try to play a semi-modern game on one of these.

Sure you COULD get by without it, but if something like CAD or video is your profession, then paying for one of these cards is really one of the happiest days of your carreer, and it usually comes with the work station you purchase anyway so it's individual price is really not a bother.


p.s. PLEASE someone at AVID technologies hear me and start supporting ATI cards!



"There's no time like the future."



I understand that there IS a difference between workstation and consumer graphics solutions, but what ARE the differences. Your essentially drawing polygons for both, so what makes this card with 4 times the price of its consumer counterpart? 



The differences between a gaming and workstation card are explained



The Difference is how the card does in a "Workstation" enviornment. I believe this is mostly due to the firmware of the card. These cards won't do as good in a gaming environment, but they will smoke the gaming version of the card in a CAD drawing. read Hot Hardware's article on the Card verses the old workstation card and the HD 5970.



Electronically charged



Good question, That is crazy to pay that much more for the same Card.

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