AMD Launches DDR3-2133 Memory Kit, Takes Aim at Gamers



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You guys should re-do your AMD rig with this ram and a 7990 on like an asrock extreme 9 or something.
Edit: Oh yea and I totally agree with that guy about it being 8GB*2.



Yeah right.

They won't do a AMD build that actually has a chance of looking respectable.

Best case scenario is they'll pit a single 7950 with a stock clocked 8150 against a 3770k clocked at 4.5Ghz with 4 GTX Titans. Then bitch about how slow the AMD system is compared to the Intel/nVidia rig.



Not only that, but notice the little blurb in the article "marketing spin aside". Really? This is kind of a snide remark, don't you think? Is AMD now the only company that puts marketing spin on it products? Come on Paul, how much is Intel paying you on the side?



You guys are ridiculous. that comment is not snide at all. Of course it IS marketing spin when a company uses words like "cutting-edge technology" and "uncompromising quality and compatiblity." They never said other companies don't use marketing spin. In fact, I've seen MPC calling other companies out on spin just this week. Stop being so sensitive about AMD. Intel chips are currently generally faster, and AMD chips are cheaper. That isn't a dig on one or the other. And MPC doesn't do ridiculous comparisons like kix is referring to - obviously an exageration. But maybe you want them to compare a 8-core AMD to a quad core Intel? Is that what you are alluding to?



Oh yes they do.

Late last year they built an AMD rig under the guise of seeing how it would compare to a Intel setup. The exact specs I can't remember off the top of my head but it wasn't even close to fair. It was the most lopsided "test" I have ever seen in print.

We all know that Intel is generally faster. That's a fact. I'm not disputing that. But the setup they had was ridiculous. It wasn't anywhere near the same price point as the Intel one.

I read the article in question and just threw the issue straight into the trash. That was my very last issue of MaximumPC. Building a "budget" AMD rig and actually having the audacity to complain that it's not faster than Zero Point wasn't a attempt at "pleasing" their AMD fan base. It was a obviously crafted attempt at showing "just how bad" AMD is.



So since the APUs, and the desktop chips, only support 1866 Mhz RAM per their specs, what will happen when they're used with this RAM?

I've seen benchmarks for APUs using 2133 Mhz RAM, but that was speed that was obtained by overclocking the RAM via the bus speed. The results were, however, impressive.

Will we see those results with this RAM with our APUs if we simply pop the RAM into the slots and go, not adjusting anything else?

Regardless, AMD needs to make this RAM kit 2 * 8. It's not like they have, sadly, gone Quad Channel or anything.



I'm surprised they are making Ramdisk a more central offering. It's by no means a bad thing, but they are going to get that call from someone who didn't read the manual; "I restarted my computer and now my files are gone". :p

Otherwise, looks like a good memory kit. Pricing is reasonable and I am one of those infidels who doesn't believe strongly in large RAM heat spreaders.

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