AMD Job Posting Reveals Interest in Android



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I would like to see an AMD SoC that could compete with nVidia's Tegra 2. 



TBH, when you look at AMD's GPU offersings, especially in the mobile arena, I don't think that will be an issue.

I'd really like to see what the performance would be like between an Atom based tablet and an AMD based tablet.



Really? Their is an interesting article on that shows AMD's E-350 vs an Atom with Ion 2 graphics. To make a long story short the AMD chip mops the floor with nVidias Ion 2 in the gaming department. 


So yeah like i said, it would be interesting to see an AMD SoC to compete with at least Tegra 2. But AMD should focus on Tegra 3/kal-el or w/e its called. 

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