AMD Issues Another Round of Radeon HD Price Cuts



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The problem for AMD is that their flagship card 7970 is only slightly better than Nvidia's second tier card 670 (if you overclock the 670 its the same as the 7970 and $100 less at release). Hard OCP did a wonderful write up on this, though I like the capabilities of the 7970 better than the 670. The good news is that the intense competition is getting prices down to reality which is good for the consumer. The concept of paying $500 plus for SINGLE GPU card is insane when 3 years ago the the 5970 (the flagship DUAL GPU card) was the same price range. The 7970 is still a beast but its main competition is the nvidia 670 not 680. What is interesting is that I suspect the 670 is a little too good. I also suspect its cannibalizing 680 sales. It will be interesting if Nvidia counters with a price drop closer to $350 for the 670, but I think that will do more harm to 680 sales than 7970 sales.



Still running a radeon 4850 with the E8500 C2D... think it's time for me to upgrade? =P



Believe it or not I have more nVidia powered stuff than AMD/ATI.
I'm waiting for the 7870 to drop to around $250, I like my 7770 but I've always wanted a x870 series card.



Bought a non-reference, 1GHz 7870 for $280 last month! I don't think I'll see them drop any further for at least another month. The only driver issue I've encountered is with APB Reloaded, but that appears to be a driver issue with both AMD & NVidia. Everything else - nada. I've been using AMD for 6 years now and they have yet to fail me.



Not in the slightest. Every AMD card I've ever owned has died within 6 months and/or had driver problems the entire time I owned it.


John Pombrio

Never had a AMD card go bad but have had plenty of drivers issues in the past. Now I never update my AMD drivers for my HTPC as I am afraid that it will break something...



I've been running a 5850 for two years now. I haven't had a single driver problem with the card. It was my first amd card too. I think the driver issue is no more than nvidia driver issues these days.

I don't feel the need to upgrade yet either but I may just because.



Well, when I was running just one HD5850 it was fine. No driver issues no nothing. Then I decided to crossfire and the problems started. Things break from one driver version to the next. The beta will fix it and then in the release driver breaks it again. So now I just stopped upgrading the drivers until I get some newer games that require it. Can't speak for SLI, as I have never had an SLI rig, plenty of nvidia cards though.



I already own a 670 and don't plan on any other video card purchases for at least a year or two. Even my backup system running a 560 is happy as it is.

I just realized that the processor in my backup machine came out in 08. It's a core 2 quad 9550. The machine has 8 gigs ram and is running a geforce 560 non-ti. It can play any game out there right now and make that game look at least as good as current console games do if not better. Would an upgrade to the 660 or an AMD equiv make it run faster? Yes. Would it be noticeable or worth it at 1080p? Thats a more interesting question.

I think the real time to buy a new card will be once these new graphic engines come out. The Unreal 4 engine and Crytek 3 engine demos look amazing. But if they code it so that the game can run in dx9 mode or dx11 then we're back to what we have now. I find that sad. We need another "Crysis" or "FarCry" that makes us go "damn, thats great! I need a hardware upgrade so I can play that".



Ya, I was going to buy a 670, but my 570 is doing just fine. I think I'm holding out until NVIDIA releases the 700's. I can't justify the the additional price just to squeeze some more frames with the current games. However, all these next gen game engines may make my 570 choke some, I'll definitely upgrade then :)



not in the least, don't like and drivers.....I want a nvidia 660ti......



I am right there with you. I want to buy a 660ti but the warranty on my 460 isn't even expired yet (barely 2 years old).



Radeon 7980?!?



Too late - already bought my 660 Ti. :D

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