AMD Intros FX-4130 Quad-Core Chip, Reduces Desktop Chip Prices



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John Pombrio

What HASN'T AMD dropped the price of these days? Didn't they just chip the prices off most of their graphics cards too? This is like a "going out of business" sale lately. Are NVidia and Intel dropping their prices or is this all unilateral?



No it's not like a going out of business price cut at all, they fix their prices to remain competitive on both fronts (atleast in budget builds for the CPU end).



So, when is The Next Iteration of the bulldozer architecture coming out?

Is it still slated for October? My Phenom II 955 needs to tag in some greater processing power. Then, thanks to AMD's greater socket compatibility (over Intel) I'll finally have the spare components to make a second halfway-decent budget machine.



My 1090t is still holding very strong with the 4.15GHz overclock (from 3.2) and I think a 8150fx would be almost a sidegrade and my sabertooth 990fx is itching for a sensible upgrade too. But I have to admit, buying a 6core sandybridge is very tempting because im losing patience.



Is this a real quad-core or a two-core/quad labeled bulldozer based design at less bucks?

Zambezi cores indicate the latter is my guess - so my Phenom II 955 is still what I'm stuck with on my Gigabyte UD7 AM3+ board (a year old now) while waiting for those boneheads at AMD to get their friggin architecture on track.

What a total letdown AMD continues to be.

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