AMD, Intel Want More Data Public in x86 Licensing Fracas



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I really hope Intel doesn't get thier way.  CPUs are expensive enough now without a complete monopoly, thank you very much.  Stupid greed.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey becareful. We are all humans here and are all greedy. Greed makes Intel and AMD innovate and invent and produce processors to sell for a profit. We are greedy because we want a faster processor even though a cheap Pentium or Celleron processor is all you need for internet browsing. We are greedy because we want faster and more powerful computers. We are also greedy because we don't want to spend alot of our money. 

So it's greed that drives consumers and producers in the western world. It's actually what drives the whole world. Even the worlds religeons are driven by greed. They all want your money and faith. Hell Islam wants your total divotion. So greed is everywhere in this world and it's not a bad thing at all.

If it weren't for greed you wouldn't have a PC and you would'nt have a roof over your head. 



Intel are greedy A-HOLES that wants dominance in the market. They have that now....but they want it all, not 80% or so, ALL! INTEL STFU and quit whining like a little biotch, it isn't hurting you. Enough said ;)



 The antitrust doesn't have anything to do with the licensing agreement. If you break an agreement, you have to pay the consequences. And I think AMD knew what they were doing when the broke the deal with Intel. They wanted a war they got a war. Enough said. :)


“Animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not like to consider our equal.”



"Just hours after the announcement was made, Intel said it was investigating whether or not the new company violates a chip licensing agreement it has with AMD."
(from /news/amd_denies_split_may_violate_intel_processor_patents)

This came out of the blue back in October. Nobody was expecting this until Intel made the announcement, which AMD sorta swept under a rug. I, as usual, doubt any mass conspiracy.

Anyways, considering the condition AMD is in, the last thing they need or want is a war.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



They're hiding how much money they screwed everybody out of and I assume it is a huge sum, but I don't care about that anymore, I just want this to get settled between these two companies.  I am an Intel fan and won't use anything else, but I really want AMD and Intel to get this sorted out soon.  I don't want AMD to go out because that would leave VIA as Intel's only competetion and they aren't much competetion at all.  And if AMD goes out they would take with them the stuff they are sharing with Intel and that would mean the possible end of the Core I7 chips, which would also suck.  Not to mention the rise in prices of Intel chips both Core I7 based and Dual/Quad Core chips.



Sounds like Intel doesn't want some information from the antitrust case to become public knowledge.

Makes me wonder what they are hiding.


Keith E. Whisman

It appears AMD has an Ace card. Some dirt on Intel to use if it doesn't get it's way. Good work AMD.

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