AMD Initiates Pilot Program of 45nm Chips



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Keith E. Whisman

Well it's about time someone over there is looking at trying to be the best instead of being happy at playing second fiddle, sloppy seconds or the middle banana. They need to produce chips that not just compete with Intel but outperform Intel's best parts. I would pay a premium if I had any money for a processor that will take Intel years to catch up to performance wise. Like what the Athlon64 did to the P4. They should also be looking at what Intel is doing with their Graphics technologies and design parts that will blow Intel's Larabee away. And I have to say that I'm really excited about Larabee.

I really hope that AMD gets that trail blazing spirit back into their game. New technologies that make Intel have to sit back and think. I hope AMD can do it.

I'm not an AMD or Intel fanboy. I just want whatever is the most powerful.



AMD is worth, as of 7/22/08, 2.12 percent of Intel.

AMD is worth 1/50th what Intel is worth. Drive that home for a moment. 

Your suggestions would be great for a competitor somewhere near half the size of Intel, but it is asking a lot of a company that is 2% of its competitor. There was a great article putting this into perspective at Tom's Hardware.,5937.html

AMD doesn't need to be jumping all over the place trying to match Intel in all areas. Sure, that would be nice, but they tried that and they failed. They failed miserably. 

AMD needs to figure out what it is good at and stick with those things. It can't be everything like Intel, it isn't possible to afford that. Stick with CPUs and GPUs and MAYBE core logic. That's it. Tighten all that up as much as possible and forget everything else. 

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