AMD Hopes to Bring Gaming to the Cloud with "Fusion Render Cloud" Supercomputer



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Not with people still using dialup and Slow connections. I doubt this will take hold until the ISP's of the USA learn to get there act together and quit with the bandwidth limitations and actually put out an internet connection that is on par with that of Japan.



Agreed. And any single player games will require a fast Internet connection! Not counting games that require updating immediately after install. :p Actually, turn-based games could work. Hmm, maybe there are applications for this idea. Might be possible for light-weight 2-d games.

Maybe AMD knows something we don't. In any case, if this idea starts heading south, they can always just sell the system. Somebody will want it.



I want it!

I think it can do more than 2d games, I would expect it to give last year's 3d games to netbooks with a fast internet conection.

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