AMD Grabs Market Share from Intel, Still a Distant Second



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its  step in the right direction. cant wait for it to be like in the old athlon vs p4 days again



I'm surprized actually.  I would have suspected that amd would have lost share due to the apparent popularity of the i7 and i5 chips.  I am an amd fan traditionally, but I really wish to see days again like Athelon xp vs p4.  The xp was a great chip (even if it did run hot) and I loved it.  I have owned a p4 as well, and it didn't cut the mustard for the price compared to the xp(I didn't buy it, old computer I fixed up).  I hope the bulldozer architecture can turn the tide a bit.


I Jedi

I look forward to the day that AMD recovers from its past mistakes. I look forward to the day when I can finally jump onboard the AMD platform knowing that I'm going to get the best possible performance out there today.



I'll be glad when AMD releases general consumer enthusiast/gamingchips
that finally rival Intel. Their price point already does. We need
morechip manufactures to increase the competition since Intel has stood
as a monopoly in the market long enough. Microsoft is another example,
but I don’t it’ll last forever.






 It's obvious now that AMD is inching up in marketshare... After all, Intel isn't playing 'spoiled brat that gets everything their way' and are no longer locking out AMD from the market.



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Sebie Kay

Always glad to see AMD moving up the ranks.  Thought I doubt they will topple Intel single-handedly, they are making progress!  Personally, I run an ancient AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ (yeah, like I said... ancient!), and love it for what it is!  Too bad I just ordered new parts for a complete rebuild of my desktop.  

Who is the successor?  AMD Phenom II x4 955!  I couldn't stomach the high price of an Intel based system.  Nearly $300 more for an i5, and $400 more for an i7 system!  I don't need THAT much muscle!  And I will rebuild my system in another 2 years anyway, so why pay for something more than what I need?

Last time I checked, we were in a recession, and every penny counts! 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-

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