AMD FX-8350 "Vishera" CPU Could Hit Desktops This October



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I'm hoping that I wasn't premature in marking my calendar for October as I really could stand to make this upgrade. Last October I built a system meant to run Bulldozer, rocking a cheap Phenom II x4 955 as a temporary processor, but the Bulldozer issues caused me to postpone upgrading. The 955 has served me well, but it's time that I graduate to a "real" processor, with 8 modern "cores", 4 Ghz native, and true DDR3 support.

C'mon AMD.


Ghost XFX

Vishera is exactly what I was waiting for, as AMD has shown in the past, to make ugly mistakes with the first run, only to go back and improve the next few in the near future.

Truth told, there's nothing wrong with 32nm to begin with. If AMD stayed at 32nm, I'd still buy it. Why? How much smaller does a chip need to be? 32nm is matured now and you know what you're getting from it and should know how to improve upon it by now.

And Intel seems to be having an issue with the smaller process too. I think they've discovered the issues of dealing with such a small wafer. 22nm could possibly be the end of Moore's Law(!?) for a mass production chip. If that is the case, why bother with 16nm and smaller? Think about this, your Smart Phone is currently carrying more power than a PC made 10 years ago. Wasn't that Pentium 2? It has to end at some point, or you're going to be using what amounts to "air" for computing. Not entirely impossible, but not exactly realistic either.

Not to mention, I'm not so sure they take full advantage of what they have in the 32nm chips anyhow. Intel abandoned the 32 nm for 22nm, and we're seeing the Daddy Warbucks of computing use cheap methods to dissipate heat...?

Funny, I don't see many of the Intel fan boys all over this one yet, let's wait and see what they have to say, besides the usual "AMD Sux! Intel RulZZZZZ!!!!!1"



Weren't we all on Pentium 4s and AMD Athlons 10 years ago? I remember the MaximumPC issue introducing and detailing the P4's architecture coming out before 2002. I remember the Pentium 2 being old-hat long before 2000.



One of my computer dreams is that Steamroller comes also comes to AM3+ with (obviously) improved performance.

why not?



Too little too late? Unless they quickly move to 22 nanometers they will soon be so far behind they will never catch up and Intel will bankrupt them.



22nm has become a problem for Intel as of late as overclocking has run into extreme heat issues and OC has been limited to around 4.5 to 4.8, unless LN2 is used.
As we also see, performance is not linked to smaller or they would have clocked a lot higher than they have.
The tri-gate is only stop-gap as electron bleed at smaller scaling has not been accounted for by this design. It seems like Intel is on the "Look how small we are" boat. Where they need a radical re-design to get faster. They are in effect cornering themselves into critical design flaws on the nano scale.
If you notice the IB has only a 5 % gain on SB. Too much hype not enough design work.
But to further dissect your comment, AMD is not in a nano race. I think they see design innovation as the key to the future. HSA and C/R technology along with APU design going toward total integration with GPU.
I believe AMD could have already gone to 28nm if they thought that was the answer on going forward. Point in case, all of their 7000 series GPU's are already there.
I just built an FX-8150 rig last month. This was after 3 months of research. My reason for the choice was , I couldn't justify $100's more for a few frames per second on some game, or a Pi test, or any other bench test for that matter. I use my computer for work and fun, it is fast, very fast, and saved me a lot of money in the process.
That is a market. A very good product for very little money. Pure and simple. I work hard for my money, so I like that approach.
When I edit a photo or surf the net or watch a movie, would I notice 10ms vs 12ms difference? No. Can I do all that at once? Yes. No problem. And I have a bigger balance in my checkbook.
So...let's sum it up. I am very happy with AMD. In case you haven't figured that out already. Plus it makes me feel good to buy from a company that won the lawsuit against a cheating competitor. Won the case in court and was paid.



I would buy one but just got a FX 6100 which should be good for just about anything being that games are mainly GPU focused instead of CPU. I remember Everquest 2 being CPU dependent structurede on one core. I like the FX 6100 though cause total power usage is 95 W and I can use a low profile cooler on it. I didn't use the stock cooler though got one with Heat pipes.



Im just hoping that the piledriver series turns out to be worth the jump from my 1090t! I picked up a sweet sabertooth MB in anticipation of bulldozer but decided it wasnt worth the $$ after they came out.

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