AMD Flexes ARM License for Upcoming Opteron Processors



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X86 phones and ARM servers? What kind of backwards world am I living in??? Give it a couple years, and I'll be playing Angry Birds XIII at 4K-240 in 3D across 80 cores at 4GHz with Radeon X400 integrated graphics.



I really hope AMD gets deep into the ARM based market. I would LOVE for a AMD chip to show up nVidia's Tegra chips. With Ti taking so long to get OMAP5 to market its currently a 3 horse race.



Good for AMD. Learning form Intel's mistake of selling off their ARM assets. Please, for the love of technology, tell me that they won't try to create some god awful mix with x64 and 64b ARM... the assembly would be... *shudder*



Hopefully, emulation software will be efficient enough by '14 that native X86 legacy execution will be deemed unnecessary. I'm willing to bet that AMD is expecting that to happen.

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