AMD Ditches Monthly Catalyst Driver Updates; Will Release New Versions "When It Makes Sense"



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If this means that instead of downloading a new version of ccc and new crossfire profiles every month, then uninstalling the old ones, sweeping, reinstalling, restarting, etc... I'll just be able to download a hotfix, then I'm fine with that. If the hotfixes take forever? Not so much.



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AMD Drivers never make sense. nvidia is the only way to go.



Long post, but this annoyed me:

AMD/ATI drivers since the birth of the .net ccc have been just as solid as Nvidia. This is not based on one card I had long ago but many cards, many generations. Since the days of Riva I've been rocking red or green cards in my systems and I'll say that over the last 10 years or so they both make solid drivers. Yes, prior to about 2002 ati had issues and lots of them, but I think more ppl just perpetuate those legacy opinions w/o actually educating themselves on the truth as it stands currently.

I've seen some glitches and crashes running BOTH Nv and AMD that I can always trace back to a DIFFERENT 3rd party app that is the culprit. It's simple troubleshooting that too many ppl forget. Just because your game crashed or threw up artifacts right after you installed "wonder FPS monitor mark VI v.71b", does not mean the vid card drivers are at fault... heck, I think as far as actual driver issues, more of my game problems in all these years trace back to soundcard or other drivers and not display, but that is another subject. lol

Just stop yelling "fire" when it was put out long ago and the house rebuilt already.



I agree. I used ATI Catalyst back ~2003 time frame and couldn't stand their interface and the bugs I encountered. Many friends who ran ATI complained of the same.
I switched to nVidia and haven't had so much as a hitch on and of the previous 4 upgrades I've made. Some of the 'bugs' people have encountered were day 1 release issues and early adopter issues. I'm rarely one of those due to those issues (with ATI and nVidia), but am very pleased with nVidia right now. 670 is my next buy ^_^



In what way don't they make sense?



totally agree. I always had ati/amd switched over to nvidia and i really like their gpu better and the patches they put out.



I would hope that this will enable them to have better quality drivers. I am still hearing more about AMD drivers than nVidia's.



I think it's better this way, no real need to rush, they will be able to better address issues.




Or is it versions?



This is good and bad. Good in the sense that they will have more time to work on the tweaks. Bad because the releases could be longer and as such, certain issues may not get fixed for quite some time.

Its a mixed bag. I'm just hoping that they're taking an AGILE approach to their development and not a waterfall approach.



they already said they would be releasing much more hotfixes and betas this way.



Good point but also consider that they could now have the freedom to release patches sooner rather than a month from when problems arise.

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