AMD Demos First DirectX 11 GPU



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 I Know Nvidia has something upthere sleave's, And if one is smart they would wait it out till about the end of the year before buying any cards and any thing else, Like mother boards and so on, The New OS system is just around the corner here, And hardware makers are goin to be releasing new stuff to run it, Yeah I7 hardware that is out today are first Gen platforms, Now the kinks will be work out and second Gen stuff will be hitting of by the end of summer in to fall, AMD is keeping pace and they are cool people that makes good hardware for the people that do not make sums of money and still wants to have good hardware in there box, It will take some time before games will be made that will be able to use DX-11 api anyway, Look what happen to DX-10, only a hand full of game where make to use that API, Yes the #7 OS system will use it to run but will be backwards compatible for those that do not have the hardware to run it,,



Hopefully Nvidia will have a response with a good GPU so AMD wont be able to charge you too much, ether way though, I wont be able to be an early adopter since I just spend $500 on 2 GTX 260s (yes i preordered the first one and bought the 2nd last christmas, I know they are worth less now) and I dont exactly have a job so I cant afford anything that will support DX11 when it is available :(



you probably could, I have a radeon 2400, and it supports DX 10



Competition is good AMD gained market share and made nVidia lower it's prices. Let them slug it out.

Linux Mint,Duel boot/Vista,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



Dual, not duel.  Dumbass.



Smart alic.

Linux Mint,Dual boot/Vista,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



and im sure your shit doesn't stink right? get over yourself dude






"would beat the competition to the punch"

Yeah,  because that strategy worked so well with DX10.1.



It failed because nVidia spent millions "convincing" software developers that they didn't need to waste time and resources on this 10.1 thing.  Remember Assassin's Creed?  That was a 10.1 game, until 10.1 support was patched out of it.

I hear nVidia is working on a new slogan for their company to replace "the way it's meant to be played".  The new one will be "nVidia: innovation must be stopped!"


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