AMD Closes Out 2010 with $6.49 Billion in Revenue



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Does this $6.49B include the $1.25B they settled with Intel from $2009? If so, that's 20% of the revenue just from haggling lawyers.



" their business model and targeted market is what makes them get such a good amount of revenue."

Well that and the fact that they choke Intel for reparations like the French did the Weimar Republic :P

I'm just playing. That's a good point: AMD does have a segment of the market that matters to many. People don't want to pay a grand for the newest i7 (...especially when it will be 300 bucks in six months.) They want decent performance at a reasonable price-point. AMD usually delivers on that. I have an i7 but feel that AMD deserves the credit where it's due.


Peanut Fox

....but the newest i7 is 300 bucks right now, and smacks pretty much anything all the way up to Intel's six core part.



AMD has a good business model.  Most PC users and gamers for that matter, dont always have to have the best performance out there.  Sure intel smacks any AMD processor and the ATI cards are now trailing in benchmarks to Nvidias top tier.  But the ATI cards were superior just 5 months ago, so they really had better cards all year round over Nvidia.  But the point for AMD is price for performance.  AMD will always win in this round.  I mean, they have a 6 core processor for $200.  AMAZING!  Any of their products play games at their fullest, so their business model and targeted market is what makes them get such a good amount of revenue.  Another thing to consider is that they are helping save PC gaming.  Most people cant afford the expenisve $300 gfx or processor from the other companies.  In effect, they provide cheaper products that really perform well for the little guy out there, which will also keep the other companies prices in check because of competition, which is good for all of us.  This will keep more people playing and keep PC gaming alive.

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