AMD Chips Away at Intel's x86 CPU Market Share



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Keith E. Whisman

That guy is looking at that kid like Fat Bastard looked at Mini Me. Come Over Here! I'm gonna eat ya! Baby back baby back baby back ribs... I'm Fat Bastard and I'm going to eat you... LOL..


It's a good bet that the kid in that picture got his ass kicked. LOL..



He played the psychological card, by attacking your weaknesses.

The only thing that popped up in my mind for that comment was this.



I have an AMD Zacate E350 netbook that's much better than the Atom ones I've seen, I love it, and I'm a part of the increased market share I guess. If they can be better than Intel on the desktop like they did with netbooks, they can really succeed. I previously prefered Intel (my desktop has an i5 750), but my next system may be AMD if they're cheaper and have better graphics.



At the time when I first got the first gen i7, I was debating b/w Intel vs AMD but leaned over to Intel for more power at a higher expense.  Come to present, when I was building some machines for casual users like my g/f, I went with AMD.  It's got plenty of power for email, Word, Bluray, and Netflix, and the odd time, I can play some games on it on the TV (the AMD 955 Quad Black is actually pretty good).  Plus I save a lot more $$$ than going with an second generation i-series (the mobo is pretty expensive).

So keep it up AMD.  If Bulldozer is as good as Intel, or if it's pretty good on it own, and if I can save a few bucks, my next upgrade cycle will be AMD!



Come to present, when I was building some machines for casual users like my g/f, I went with AMD.

Thats what I said its more then they can handle, also casual users that come to me or ask me to build them a system AMD comes First .



I'm glad to see AMD making a bit of a comeback.  Currently I prefer Intel chips, but we need the competition to keep prices low and innovation levels high!

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