AMD Caught Off Guard by High Demand for Hexa-Core Chips



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I was always an AMD fan. I built an Intel recently, just to try it out. I like it...but....gonna build a newer AMD machine now....just for the hell of it.


s1r 70nk

I think the reason the demand is so high on AMD's Hex-core processor is because of the price tag of Intel's chip. Would you rather pay $1000.00 or $200.00 (USD) Because of the huge price difference i'm will to put money on that many Intel users are changing to AMD because in the long run they are saving money; even if it requires them to get a new motherboard. Also don't for get about AMD making their Hex-core chip backwards compatible. That means you can by an out of style board and a cheap CPU and still have cash in your pockets and have a kick-ass pc on the block.



I almost bought the 1090T, but I am a heavy gamer, and stuck with my 965BE, as the benefits of two more cores is virtually nonexistent when it comes to gaming.

Also have an Athlon 64 X2 6400+, still runs great and is my XP build.

Also have an i7 920 machine, very nice, but I never felt like it changed that much for me, so I've stuck with AMD for its value.



I've been a fan of AMD for some time.  I've been running AMD systems since I first made the switch from my Pentium 4-based rig.  It's not that there's anything wrong with Intel's chips.. on the contrary!  I've seen all the benchmarks, especially for the new hexa-cores, and I know the numbers don't lie.  Intel has a CLEAR performance advantage.  But as far as value goes AMD can't be beat.  The fact that I dont have to upgrade from my 790GX AM2+  board to accomodate any of AMD's new chips is a major plus and a big sell point when I baught it.  I mean, it would be nice to have the hexa-core i7 but it's a little (and I use that term lightly) heavy on the wallet taking into account everything that you have buy with it.

I agree that AMD should step up their game to at least be competitive with SOME of Intel's higher-priced i7 chips, but it doesn't bother me either way.  At least I can get my hands on AMD's flagship proc for a fraction of the price of Intel's and overclock it to make up at least some of the performance gap.



AMD is just compensating the difference to Core i7, when AMD will have HT and SSE 100% compatible to Intel then will go faster then Intel, until then no thanks.



AMD isn't working on HT... however they are working on SMT on thier bulldozer line... but it will mean more of a  reliable performance increase over HT (at the cost of increased silicone - HT only requires about... 15% more space used)


it will be neat to see when AMD moves floating point calculations onto on-die GFX cores... but thats years out 


I didn't know AMD had any problems with SSE compatibility as of late 



The demand is probably coming from the fact that most people aren't having to upgrade their motherboards on top of a new chip.

 But has for the chip itself. I'll be sticking with my 955 Black for a some time. 



 Yay for the small guy. I went Core i7 this round, but I've got Phenom II X3 and Athlon 64 boxes still running strong.


Preferred boot, but will give this Maximum PC thing a try.

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