AMD Catalyst 13.3 Beta 3 Driver Boost Performance in SimCity and Far Cry 3



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Wait a sec: even though all the (supposedly intense) processing for SimCity is done remotely, and the graphics are far from intensive, the game still has issues with framerate on client machines? All a client PC has to do is track user input and display the graphics, a modern terminal, and despite their resources EA/Maxis couldn't even do that right?

Having seen gameplay footage of this, since all the processing is done off-site, I expected that even the crappiest computer would be racking up incredibly high framerates without breaking a virtual sweat?!



Do you know how online games even work? Even if the heavy CPU processing of the game is done on their end, the graphics are quite impressive. Obviously games like WoW, Guild Wars 2, and all other online games are built the same way, and they require fast clients with fast GPUs to get the best frame rates with the highest graphics settings too.



I don't know if it's Crytek or AMD, but they really need a fix on Crysis 3 for 7xxx series cards. Still a lot of issues to be ironed out. 110-135 FPS on BF3 and 20-40 FPS on C3, both on max. When nanovision's enabled, frame rate actually drops 2X, lol.



BF 3 is from 2011, C 3 is from 2013 and with crisis's resource need, 20-40fps sounds right depending if you have settings on high or max. So you have no issue.



Cryengine 3 in general fails. In some games based upon it (eg:Mechwarrior Online) adding a second AMD GPU in crossfire didn't affect the framerates at all. There's everything wrong with that.



SimCity online requirement is horrid and poor choice.

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