AMD Catalyst 11.6b Hotfix Resolves BSoD and Screen Flicker Issues



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ATI drivers have been a nightmare since day one. How many times have you had to completely uninstall  and reinstall ATI drivers while trying to fix some unexplained problem, it's at least a thirty minute proccess. Everytime I run into ATI cards with problems there seems to be no fix. I don't see how ATI has made it passed 2002, it should have gone out of business a long time ago. And AMD hasn't done anything to make it a better product.

 I wouldn't ever buy an ATI card for any reason.  



Hm, well, like a week ago, I tried to update my catalyst drivers to 11.6 and it failed, tried to return to a previous save of windows, the pc crashed and whenever I tried to start it it would reboot non-stop with bsod. I had to reinstall windows... Redownloaded AMD drivers today and it seems to be working, I guess they also updated the ones on their website.


Big fail release from AMD... completely unprofessional.



I've had some hard lock ups recently, in games only. But not able to pin down the cause. Maybe I should give these drivers a spin, but from the notes it does not sound like what I'm seeing. I also did a new win 7 install so way to many variables to deal with:) (Manually setting RAM timings seemed to keep BC2 from hard locking after 45 min though so maybe (hopefully) it's not a GPU issue..)



Download links coming up as leech protected.  Heres the download page:


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