AMD Catalyst 11.11a Drivers Improve Performance in Skyrim, Arkham City, and Other Games



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Brad Nimbus

This my have been an isolated case but I had the 11.11 driver for my 6870 and it would lockup while just browsing windows. I will test one more time to see if thats the case and report back


*Update* Is working fine so far so most likely just a random occurrence




Disables CrossFireX (to resolve negative scaling and image quality issues seen when CrossFireX is enabled)

§  AMD is continuing to work on a CrossFireX solution for Skyrim – as soon as it’s ready we’ll make it publicly available

 I'll wait for this to be fixed...




Same here. The 2-7% increase in single card performance does nothing for me. I have catlyst disabled at start up so enableng and disabling xfire becomes a pain and it really didn't fix the stuttering and low frame rate. Using radeon pro and Crysis or Bioshock profiles helps a bit but it still dips below 30 fps. So AMD fix




AMD FIKS IT!!!!  I want to turn on my XFIRE

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