AMD Catalyst 11.11 Drivers Now Available for Download



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std error

nothing for Skyrim or BF3 eyefinity issues? *sigh



Thanx for fixing all of the issues that are seen with other products. I don't see it mentioned here, so I'm going to assume that it's still not fixed - and I'll be damned if I spend another few hours trying to rid my HTPC of the most recent update and reverting back to 10.8 because it's the only one where the CCC retains the scaling options that you save. 

Seriously though: how on Earth a mature company lets such an elementary regression issue into their own product release is beyond me. It's not like it's a hidden feature that's buried deep into the product, either... 



11.5 work the best for me. I am on DVI though and I know your pain with scaling AMD just needs to set the default to 0 instead of being a bag of dicks and setting it at some random number.

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