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I do wish AMD would put out a high end chip to compete with the intel extreme editions. Seems like they'll be great budget cpus, just like the 1090t. It just sucks that it's chips lack anything similar to hyperthreading. If they did then they'd definitely be able to compete in the upper mid range. Interested to see how these actually perform in real world situations, not synthetics, although I do like those for e-peen enhancement. Will definitely make those xeon 2680/90s worth it.



I would love to see a return to the days of AMD superiority, but really, is it neccessary? There is literally nothing I need an Extreme Edition for that I can't get from a $200 processor these days. 



Having owned the original FX-51 CPU which spanked so much Intel a$$ for awhile, I'm looking forward to Intel getting a royal spanking, a$$ whooping, and a round house kick to the nuts that leaves them on the floor fetal position for awhile. Probably won't happen... but it would be nice.



I'm just plain done dealing with Intels BS socket changes. The 1155/1156 socket change was the last straw. I mean really?... 1 pin... really? At least I know I will be able to get some longevity out of a rig built around AMD/bulldozer and not get shafted with a new socket every time the weather changes.

The perfomance will still be more than adequate for my needs, who cares if I get another 1-2fps (if that) in a game. I'd rather use the money I save to buy a better video card/SSD/MOBO/RAM/Mountain Dew... w/e



This is one of the reasons I favor AMD. They actually have some respect for their customers. Intel has had it too easy and it banks on it's name recognition and industry leadership to get away with crap like that. Performance enthusiasts have to keep in mind that cpu's have reached a kind of nadir as far as performance goes. There is literally no cpu on the market from Intel or AMD (with the exception of their very low end parts) that won't run anything within reasonable performance leveles nowadays. Enthusiasts are beginning to look more at subsystems i.e. memory latency, speed, etc... i/o performance from ssd's etc... to improve system performance than cpu's megahertz. Overall system speed and responsiveness as a whole and not just in certain components and subsystems will reign supreme.



AMD is known for being practical and sensible. They are not going to make a CPU thast 1k USD becuase its impractical for a home user. Those that do buy 1k chips are usualy gaming elitests that want that minescule percentage gain in performance or a Graphics/Video designer that realy do need the cores (that is a VERY small market).

As for the rest of you who are intel blue boys, please stop assuming you think Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge will be better for the price point. The benches for those conclusions arent out yet and you realy make your Fan group look less inteligent for saying so.

/rant off

I look forward to seeing what AMD has behind theyre curtains. Should be a good show for us practical builders looking to get the best for the buck (which AMD is famous for *cough K Series*. If things look good, ill ditch my 5.2 ghz 2600k Sandy Bridge for one of those newer AMD procs (mostly because i am using AMD cards wich usualy work well if not better on AMD Chipsets).



I'll take a FX-8150 pls. :D



judging by the price points it would seem the performance is lackluster



Yeah, I mean really. You probably have to wait like 3 or 4 seconds more for your video encoding to finish. An eternity in computer time!



I'm not sure how your come to that conclusion. I would think that the prices indicate strong performance versus the Sandy Bridge 2600K which is priced at about $300. Remember that AMD is never going to play in the ultra high end $1,000 CPU market because there really isn't a market there. Its just a place to show off, not really make money and have a real business. They are all about hitting center mass or slightly above and the 2600K is what you want to compete with on price/performance ratio.



Or it is AMD's way of building up marketshare and interest.

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