AMD Announces Updated Fusion E and C-Series APUs with DDR3-1333 Support



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Any idea if/when we might see some e-450 apu/mobo combos hit the streets? I'm about ready to pull the trigger on parts for an htpc build and feel like I'll buy an e-350 setup at the worst time, just before e-450 products are announced.



Over all you might be lucky enuff to get 3 hours out of any Netbook or laptop with everything maxed.



I gotta hand it to AMD.  I recently purchased a Lenovo B-Series lappy (for my dad) with an AMD e-350 running the show and it was a pleasure to work with (under $415 too).  Of course the 6gb of ram and ports up the wazzu (thank you Lenovo) also made the machine an absolute steal in my eyes.  Keep it up coming.

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