AMD Announces Sub-$150 HD 4830 Graphics Card Running DX10.1



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It looks like I am going to get an ATI video card for the first time in a very, very long time soon.  I am eyeballing a 4870 with 1GB of video memory for christmas, I would get one of these to upgrade my wifes Nvidia 6600GT with, except she is getting my 7800GT.  Not sure that this would be an upgrade over the 7800.  But, this does look like a decent little card for a cheap gaming rig.



After squeezing every living drop of jaw dropping performance from my 7300 gt (a VERY under rated card), I decided it was time to fight back the lag on my MMO ventures and up my video card again.   

 I know Nvidia has lost a lot of favor the past few months, but that didn't sway me from picking up my 9600 gt superclocked card from EVGA. $89. I'm cheap and happy to admit it.

I bought a $400, 4300 gt when it came out back in the day and even though the card rocked my sox, I vowed never to lay down that kind of coin for a card again. I'm happy to stay in the $100 range and happy to wait for the $400 and $600 cards to fall into my bracket (they always do!). Besides, benchmarks are great for my 1280x1024 resolution I run at on my 19" lcd. I'm not running 24" widescreens and have no immediate plans to do so. I get insane frame rates that meet and exceed all the benchmarks that are being made at resolutions higher than that on bigger monitors. So keep your monitor size in mind when really looking over all those benchmarks and see if they really apply to the resolution your realistically going to use! You might be very surprised at the coin you can save! I certainly was!  :)  

Maybe by the time I'm ready to upgrade again, the AMD ATI marriage will be a bit more polished. ATI still has a lot of catching up to do, but they are doing a damn good job of it.  Better shape up and right your wrongs, NVidia!

Don't make me have to get my Nvidia tattoo covered up with a big ATI logo!




AMD might finally start making good parts and not just low end ones. The 4870 X2 ROCKS!!



Now lets make the 4870 x2 150$ :D



Paper can be torn. lol. Rock solid? Maybe. Now to play the waiting game and see if this venture was worth it for AMD.

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