AMD and Intel to Settle Civil Suit



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I guess a lot of people here would say I qualify as an AMD/ATI fanboy...

If AMD makes a CPU of comparable Wattage, and the price/perfomance ratio is also comparable to Intel ---I go with AMD, because I'd rather not just let either company use the "whatever we feel like charging, is the reasonable market price," system.

It looks to me like the upcoming release of AMD procs will finally be down to the 90W range.

I'm not shopping for a $400+ cpu, maybe that's why my view differs so much from the typical around here...

Also ---If Intel was giving "sweet-heart" deals, at/below manfacture cost, to OEMs for exclusificity ---that's My definition of anti-competitive... especially if the OEMs ended up using more Intel motherboards and chipsets, as a result.

I also have a major history of getting really pissed off at the OEMs, over the fact that their "cheaper" PCs tend to be loaded with crappy chipsets (and their issues), some "fluff," & otherwise Absolute Minimum specs... If you spend $1000 on a oem PC, you can't know if you're getting "an $800 machine" with a good chipset & decent specs, or the cut-rate version of the $1500 machine --loaded with sub-par accessories/peripherals to make it look like less of a POS. ----but that's a separate issue, as long as Intel isn't pulling the anti-competitive crap.



Corporate Lawyers tend to be paid every month despite if they are doing something or not. So I would assume the Lawyers are not making anything more than usual. Intel have proven to be pretty ...douchbaggy... lately. I mean, google em up sometime. Not very good PR.

The real question this stuff all raises is if that their business ethics are something you should take into account for your next purchase/build. And that is really more telling of your own morals than that of intel or AMD. I'm curious to see if it sways the general public but so far I as i can tell it hasn't. 



And the lawyers win again.......



To me the processor really isn't important as the price difference between the 2.

Aside from that, I hope this settlement will make both manufacturers concentrate on better products.



Being obnoxious is one thing.

Having an uneducated opinion is one thing.

Having an educated opinion and acting slightly more mature than an 8 year old brat is another.

P.S. I like Intel, I like AMD, I LOVE Competition.  



I don't know the whole story, maybe Intel did cock block AMD way back then.

But what is stopping them now? It seems like these days the under acheivers go after the successful companies through lawsuits.

I would be perfectly happy to buy an AMD part if it was up to snuff. It just seems like Intel comes out with something significantly faster every time.

Not to mention AMD seems to love turning some cores off  and calling it a new processor.


So what is stopping AMD right this second from designing and testing a high quality kick ass part that beats Intel? A lawsuit from the past? Give me a break.



 as long as AMD usses the x86 microarchitecture, yes a lawsuit from the past can block them.

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Enough said.



AMD did make a better chip (thoroughbred & sledgehammer) That is when Intel started doing what the EU sued them for. Remember when you could "NOT" buy a dell with a AMD CPU i do.



It's not free enterprise when you put in stipulations like Intel did. I will be glad when Intel signs the check.



It's not as simple as who makes a better processor. See here:

EU Posts Sordid Details in Intel Antitrust Case

-Paul Lilly 



 AMD can't make a better product cause Intel sued them some time ago to ham string inovations.



There are so many holes in your logic I was really debating whether to bother posting anything at all.

Regardless of who makes the better product if a company uses illegal
methods like intel did to gain an unfair advantage then there is a
problem. OEMs did not use intel chips because they were better than
AMD's (which is not the point here) but because Intel paid them not to
use AMD chips. You don't see a problem with that?

In a world with no laws to regulate how business should be conducted
a company with the resources that Intel has can drive a smaller company
like AMD out of business by shady practices like this. Even if AMD
manufactured the best CPU on the planet, Intel can still put them out
of business if they offered OEMs something like $100 (arbitraty number)
for every Intel CPU they order instead on an AMD one. 

And guess what, if AMD goes out of business Intel has virtually no
competition in the CPU market. They can sit on their laurels, start
producing mediocre chips again and charge whatever they want for them
because the consumer has no choice in the matter. Which is a great
scenario for Intel, but a really really bad one for all consumers.Even
Intel fanboys.



I'm not going to argue with you, but I would like if you kept your blatant bias to yourself. It's your own choice if you like Intel or AMD, but please, there is no need to go around blatantly professing your love for Intel and bashing AMD. Give me one reason why AMD sucks, and if I cannot refute the point, I will concede that you are correct and will remove this comment.

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