AMD Already Dropping Prices of Recently Released Phenom II Processors



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Keith E. Whisman

Hey BTW this allows me to bring up the AMD advertising videos in the February MaximumCD that comes with the mag. One of the videos the only one I was able to watch and during which I got sick to my stomache so much so that I couldn't watch the others.

The Video I'm bringing up on the maxcd is an AMD video comparing AMD gaming performance to an Intel equivalent. Well the gaming looked good on the AMD platform but the games wouldn't run at all on the Intel platform and then the specs were displayed. The AMD platform had 4gigs of ram a quad core AMD cpu if I remember right it had a 4870X2 in there while the Intel competition had a E7200 CPU and G35 Intel IGP and I think it had 4gigs of ram as well. They were trying to say that the Intel platform was crap and I would agree with AMD on this that the Intel hardware they were comparing there gaming pc to was crap. Of course they made it sound like that was the best Intel could do.... Come on AMD you compared a PC with a top end GPU to a pc with an IGP. You guys are fucking retarded and anyone that buys into AMD's argument based on that video are fucking idiots. 



But I have seen other videos by Pat Morehead comparing Intel's igp to AMD's integrated 3200 (on the 780g).

My current laptop has a Radeon 1250 xpress, and it has exceeded my expectations. I can play Portal and Counter Strike at DVD resolution, and I can even enjoy the latter with some anti-aliasing. Note that this is on a sub-$700 notebook.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.


I Jedi

Well, although I know they're both different companies in the chip making market. I don't think Intel will purposely allow AMD to be driven into the ground. It seems that way with their recent move, but remember that Intel uses a lot of AMD's shit. So, if AMD goes under, then Intel can't sell a whole lot of shit they burrowed from AMD. The company isn't going anywhere. Intel's just assuring that AMD never has its rightful place again as number 1. 

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