AMD Adds Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon to Never Settle Game Bundle



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Shadow Death

If I recall the last time they did something like this Half-Life 2 got delayed then Vivendi games screwed over nVidia GeForce FX 5000 series owners.



I've bought cards that are bundled with games, but I don't usually care. I buy a card because I want the card, not because of a free game. I think the hardware should stand on it's own. It's a shame ATI is getting crushed by Nvidia right now, I hope they bounce back.



I saw ads for this game on Steam and my first thought, honestly, was that it was a belated April Fools' Day prank lol.

I would have thought that AMD's 79xx series would come bundled with all 5 games, but from what I've seen and heard, BioShock 3 is preferable to Tomb Raider (pains me to say that; never thought I would after the suck of BS 2). Odds are that I'll still hold out for the 8000 series. After all, I'm still waiting for something to truly max out my Xfire 68xx setup.



Big win for AMD if you ask me. This is something they certainly didn't need to do. Perhaps it was apart of the deal they made with Ubisoft, but it is still good news for any of us who recently bought a new AMD GPU. I'll take as many free games as they want to give me.



not sure what to make of it, it looks like a quick standalone mod of far cry 3 - so not really sure if it is going to be good or not.

meh factor might be high

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