AMD “Never Settle” Bundle Gets Updated With New AAA Titles



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just a shame they have a crossfire bundle - all the games if you buy 2 but only the system builders appear to offering it.

i was thinking of getting a new crossfire set up - now it will be only one card- don't want duplicates of the same game



I wouldn't mind getting Bioshock:Infinite and Tomb Raider for "free" as I'm not convinced that they're worth paying for directly and I could use a new graphics card, but with the 8000 series on the horizon I think I'll hold out a bit longer. Especially remembering the rumored price points for the 8000 series that MPC posted a while back.

I like this idea of GPUs coming bundled with current games to showcase them.



If this runs 2-3 months it may be more to prop-up pricing while clearing 7XXX before Sea Islands without running rebates... ? I see neither AMD or Nvidia looking to erode pricing much... if any more. I sense in the $200-380 range AMD is already curtailed allotments of Pitcairn and using Tahiti and Boost models to shore and maintain 7870 and 7950 pricing.

The huge price bump that AMD thought Nvidia would've also followed with, blew up in their face as Kelpers’ released, but today it's not like Nvidia intends to surrender anymore ground pricewise. Even though I believe they’re better positioned in silicon utilization, and lower PCB content/price if it came to deploying more smurf boards. It's just that Nvidia and their AIB’s don't want to go there. Look at a GTX660... it needs to be most often ~$200 price, and today you find it as a $230 part; although some rebates are getting it just at $200, it's still not competitive to 7870. Nice 7870’s show fairly regularly at $200 with modest rebates and still betters such Überclocks within the GTX660 (Non Ti) lineup.



Definitely the beginning of death throws from AMD mixed in with a bit of desperation...pun intended!

And more importantly, AMD driver developers = ub3r craptastic, which convinces me to remain forever more an nVidia fanboy :D



Jeez, I just finally sold my two HD 4890's that I had in crossfire for three years. They did me justice and even complimented my room in the winter by turning my PC into a heater... I'll miss them dearly.

Anyways, I finally decided to try Nvidia's GTX 600's series this time around and BAM! here comes AMD with another cool deal.

What do you think guys?


John Pombrio

Kind of smacks of desperation. Sure, if you want to promote a new card, throw in some enticement to get the buzz out. When you take a whole mainstream family that has been out for a while, you are admitting that you cannot compete without the bling added.



Surely, this is somehow weakness or evil on AMD's part for wanting to stay in the game? Fact of the matter is, AMD does indeed have competitive parts, what it has lost and currently lacks is that word of mouth that Intel and Nvidia are reveling in at the moment.



While I do wish NVIDIA did the same thing, I recall getting a free copy of Arkham City before it came out when I bought my GTX 560 Tis.

But yeah, they should do more of these all across the board.



I see Crysis 3 included in that upper tier bundle. Does that mean CryTek didn't gimp the game for Radeon users this time around? Crysis 2 was an NVIDIA-sponsored game and never seemed to play as efficiently on Radeon GPUs. Hope that lame crap changes this time around.



I think that was more or less because it had a more compute-centric rendering pipeline, of which NV was better at. Now that GCN is here, that shouldn't be the case.

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