Amazon's Silk Browser A Privacy Threat?



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Law Enforcement does not need a warrant under the Patriot Act. All they have to do is say its a FISA investigation. With that, they don't even really need true probable cause nor does it have to actually be a foreign intelligence issue, well, it actually does, but a Judge has to sign the affidavit by law, whether he agrees with it or not and that is how the Federal Government circumvents the Probable Cause clause. Under the very broad scope of the Patriot Act, any suspicion of any domestic crime can be be a FISA issue and that is reason enough. There is no warrant, no warning, no disclosure and no courtroom. We all had better be good or else.


Peanut Fox

This is similar technology that Opera's Mini browser uses.



To answer your question, Ryan:

Do you trust Amazon on this?

No, nein, nyet, non, nyet.  Not even for the briefest of moments.  While I will agree that Amazon's cloud will be much more secure than others, there's no reason to trust what they say about their "off cloud" mode.  They're not that benevolent of a company.  As soon as it's in their financial best interest to roll over on their customers, they will.

I'd go several steps further than just using a different browser.




The device is Android based. If you are truly concerned, it's very probable that you will be able to just install another browser.

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