Amazon Working on New TV and Movie Streaming Service



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With Amazon's catalog, I would likely pay for this. I've currently got a free year of Prime through the student program (which anyone with a .edu address should check out, by the way) and would definitely buy another year if they can come up with a decent streaming catalog. Would have to be better than Netflix, though that isn't a terribly tall order at this point.


I Jedi

Finally, we begin to see other big companies mature their operations into the market of online video streaming. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that a lot of these tech. giants are all trying to make it big at this market at the same time. Not only will it translate into a very reduced price for the end-consumer, but will also pump-out quality entertainment and usability. We should also be thankful that these tech. giants are doing this at the same time because it is a lot better than having one, big name controlling most of the online video streaming. For now, though, Netflix and iTunes are thee best way to get cheap, good/average quality entertainment.

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