Amazon Threatens Lawsuit over Kindle DRM Workaround



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Keith E. Whisman

Exactly the reason why I won't own a Kindle. You can only read what Amazon says it's ok to read. If Amazon does'nt like a book they can burn it or delete it and try to read it from another service and your fucked. 

Exactly the reason why I don't purchase MP3 files. DRM. I refuse to purchase MP3 files. I will either by the damn cd or pirate the music but I will never ever purchase a single MP3 track with any type of DRM. 



.... drm.... lame....

books had the ultimate form of "DRM". they were books... unless you took all the time to type up and post the stuff on the internet or maybe created some sort of word scanning software it stayed in pretty much the same format you bought it in... a book.... 



Amazon will learn like everybody else that enforcing DRM is hopeless. Somewhat ironic since they sell and promote DRM-free music.



This is why I'll never Kindle and don't think anyone should buy one. It's sad 'cause I've been pro-ebook device for decades, but the DRM on this thing is ridiculous.

 And Amazon cares because what this script does is allow you to buy books from places other than Amazon.



I have a Kindle and I do think the DRM is ridiculous but I would point out that it is NOT true that you can't read books from other places , I have got many books from and other sites.  

I can read any book in the mobi format.   I also can have many documents converted into mobi format either by amazon or I can do it myself with free software.   I would say about 35% of the books I have read on my Kindle did not come from Amazon.    I see so many people who think the Kindle only allows you to read books from amazon and that simply is not true, if it were I would not be near as happy with my purchase.



I still don't think a company should still have any type of control over a device that has already been sold.  Once they sell it, it is now the Consumers to do whatever he/she wants to do with it.



wow that is just stupid.  Why do these companies have to be so greedy?  So what if the owner has hacked their OWN device.  Why does Amazon have to care?



Well, it was posted by another person, but worth repeating.  They care because it allows people to use content purchased elsewhere on the device, which Amazon hates the idea of.  They love vendor lock-in, just like any other content distribution service.  They hate competition and avoid it when they can.

Now, as to whether it is right or wrong, that is eventually going to be up to the courts to decide.  Depending on who buys what politician, it can go either way.  

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