Amazon Tablet Gets Unofficially Detailed



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I was hoping for better integration using the existing Android software ecosystem.  Going the proprietary route imposes more limits than I would like.  The price is good, but I'm not sure that will compel me to go out and buy one.  



And why exactly would I want this instead of a Nook Color that has similar stats and has a least a year's worth of hacking behind it?



I'm interested, but then again I'm a big Amazon fan. I'm heavily invested in Kindle books, the lack of e-ink may be an issue. If this is not in an upgrade somewhere down the line the die hard Kindle fans could come back and bite Amazon in the butt.

Some things I think Amazon will have to watch out for are:

-Not preventing side loaded apps. (For 2 reasons: 1. They don't want Google to prevent side loaded apps on other Android devices, IE killing Amazon's App Store. 2. There are apps they just don't have, and I want them.)

-Is this a tablet that happens to be built by Amazon, or is it something that can replace a Kindle for a heavy reader? (This needs to be clear, I don't want to be carrying around a phone, a "real" Kindle, a "new" Amazon Kindle [tablet], & a laptop.) {One is in the works the original article says, Amazon needs to confirm at launch where this stands}

-Amazon, are you going to lock the device down like your Apple?

The last one is an important question. I see no point in buying a product where the fist thing I have to do after I take it out of the box is get a new OS on the device. I mean really, if your hardware is not amazing, it's not ASUS Eee Slate, then why buy sub standard.

The price seems fair, especially if paired with a free prime subscription as rumor holds. I've got some Amazon gift cards coming my way, I might just want to see some of those going towards a tablet.



It *will* be rooted. Oh yes. It will be rooted. 



I agree: Ho-Hum. They are going to try to market this like a kindle but nobody will buy one if it doesn't have the standard google apps. Why would you pay for it if you can't even check your email or browse the web like every other tablet? especially when you can get a playbook for $200 or so



Sounds rather ho-hum.

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