Amazon Still Running From State Sales Tax, Tennessee Facility Threatened



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Wildflecken Vet

First off honor whatever contracts or promises they made to get them to come there.  The state will loose the income from the employees working there regardless of how many there are.  That income spreads across the entire field of services, goods purchased, other taxes collected as a result.  The burden of the sales tax would not fall on Amazon but on the customers.  A simple solution is that the order be taken at some Amazon site not in Tennessee and shipped from another Amazon site.  Thus no transactions take place in Tennessee.



Amazon's acting like a spoiled child. They want the roads, the electrical infrastructure, the medical care for their employees, and everything that comes from the money sales taxes bring without having to collect sales tax on their sales. They're running out of places to hide though, it's just a matter of time until their only safe haven left is Montana and other back-end states that don't have the infrastructure (major roads, big airport access, electricity supplies) to serve as national warehouse distribution centers, and then they'll be screwed because their competition WILL have their facilities located nationwide. Oh well, hopefully they'll be able to survive on their digital-only offerings when that day comes.



Here, here!



I think that if Amazon is able to come to an arrangement with the state not to pay sales tax, then they shouldn't have to. As it is, they're contributing a lot through jobs and payroll tax. States are only hurting themselves - especially when they know Amazon is prepared to take their ball and go home.



I guess none of those states are concerned about the fourteen hundred jobs they would collect income tax off. It's stupid, they want money from the employees, money from the company's income, money from the consumers. Tennesee should get off it; Amazon has already shown they're not bluffing, they'll leave.



Yes, I guess that doesn't matter. Jobs in a country that right now needs them. And as we loose jobs to cheaper labor overseas (not necessarily child labor, check out China people) States are inventing ways to get more from less. Loose incentives and companies will leave, period. A wake up call is needed. How many ways can you tax the same money earned...

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