Amazon Sold a Boatload of Kindle Devices Over Holiday Weekend



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Love it! Start buying those books, people!!


What's the matter with you. A boatload if you must know is different than a shipload. There are also different boatloads depending on the size of the boat. For instance, I have a rowboat and that will hold approximately 249 Kindles in their packaging or 401 and a half Kindles out of the box. So it's not clear here whether they are still unopened or not. But you get the idea.

There are also submarine loads and catamaran loads. But these are more specialized and therefore should not be used for Kindles.



I'm loving my Playbook tablets. So awesome...

For the price of one iPad mini, you could almost get a playbook for each room in your home :p


And what exactly do you do with your Playbooks after you hung them from the wall?



I had my Nexus7 over at my wife's family house for Thanksgiving-- the kids (around age 12) asked if it was an iPad mini and the adults asked me if it was a Kindle.

They never heard of Google making a tablet.


I Jedi

I just purchased two Nexus 7's for my parents and I. I currently own a Kindle Fire, which I plan to pass onto my brother. Tell me, is the Nexus 7 cool as hell, as I sure hope it is? I'm dying to lay my hands on it already.



The Nexus 7 is snazzy and, IMO, the best 7-inch tablet out there when you factor in price/performance. I think the Kindle Fire is an overall solid tablet too, but it sucks not having access to Google Play (not out of the box, anyway).


I Jedi

Can't wait, thank you for the update.

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