Amazon Reportedly Begins Testing Potential Game Changing Smartphone



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is an Open WebOS phone



Maybe I'm in a bad mood but you should justify your headline with some reporting. You state you have no details about the phone. Your links lead to nothing other than Amazon is testing a mobile phone strategy, acquiring patents and working with Foxconn.

Your reply to "routine" holds the Kindle Fire as a "game changing" moment in the tablet space with the Fire as the #2 tablet. The Fire was a Christmas gift not a game changer. First quarter IDC stats back that statement up

When you throw out "game changer" you need to define the game and show details of how the product will change consumer perceptions and long term buying patterns. Otherwise you are just writing 3 paragraphs for publication.

I know the tech reporting world lives on rumor but you are better than this.

/end rant



No kidding. This could actually make me want to buy a smartphone for the first time ever.



I guess they didn't get the memo that beta testing was complete.



If Amazon markets a top of the line smartphone it will have a good chance of success just because of Amazon's massive online presence, price competitiveness and good reputation. If they want to change the game how about not loading crapware on the phone that can't be uninstalled, and how about making it possible to unlock the phone without having to hack it? Those are options that would make me choose an Amazon product over the regular carriers.



I agree, the crapware is getting to be a deciding factor.



I rooted my phone as well but unless Amazon builds their own and operated wireless network like a AT&T, Verizon, etc. Their phones will be subject to the carriers crap and deciding on and when if phones will get updates.


Peanut Fox

Only if they are selling their phone's through the carrier. If the product has a high enough demand carriers will back off the crap attack approach. Apple's iPhone has yet to be sold with the permanent preinstalled bloatware that Android phones are loaded with.



If the phone they develop can produce 3D Holographic full motion comminication and/or video, like what we have seen in Star Wars. Then I will be calling it a game changer.

If its another phone, that offers a big screen, longer battery life, micro SD, intergrates with a cloud service, offers apps, touch screen, txt and email. Then I call it another option for consumers.



why is every new phone that comes out called a "potential game changer"?



Easy answer: They're not all called that. That term is (or should be) reserved for special situations, this being one of them.

Remember, Amazon was the one that changed the tablet game by being the first to really offer a low-cost Android tablet that doesn't suck (depending on who you ask), and as a result, the Kindle Fire is the second best selling tablet on the market. What's more, we're finally starting to see other tablet makers follow suit, including Google (Nexus 7). The Kindle Fire, whether you want to consider it a full-fledged tablet or a glorified eBook reader, was a game changer. That same company (Amazon) is now reportedly getting ready to offer a smartphone.

I'm skeptical Amazon can change the smartphone game the way it did with tablets, but I'm also not willing to rule out the possibilty at this early stage.



Meanwhile Apple's legal team is preparing their first round of lawsuits.



I almost burst out laughing when I saw this at work, it is quite sad, but you are right.



BINGO !!! you hit the nail on the head with that comment. wonder what patents they will be violating ?

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