Amazon Prime Instant Video's Getting Time Warner Shows, Some Exclusively



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There is spam in so many of these comments, and from the same person.



That's cool enough, but even though I'm a proud Prime subscriber, I'd much prefer Netflix to have these as Netflix streaming is much more convenient because it has general iOS and Android streaming apps. Prime streaming is really only on a PC or a Roku, since the Kindle Fire lacks an HD screen and any video-output feature :(

I don't like how these streaming deals get labeled and distributed, for want of better terminology. A while back Amazon said that it had struck a deal with Fox, iirc, for its shows like 24 and Prison Break (as did Netflix). Alcatraz was a Fox show, as is Fringe, yet they are now becoming Prime exclusives as they have been bureaucratically branded as "Time Warner shows" instead of as "Fox shows", which was used before.

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