Amazon Payment Services Takes on Paypal and Google Checkout



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When you pay for an Internet purchases directly with a credit card, you have a significant degree of protection through the card issuer: you can always dispute the charge. With PayPal and Google Checkout, even when paying with a credit card, you lose your card's protections because the transaction is between you and the payment service, not between you and the merchant. When there's a problem with a purchase and the merchant doesn't take responsibility, both PayPal and Google Checkout force you into an arbitration process with the merchant, which can be both lengthy and time-consuming, and often devolves into a he-said, she-said discourse., on the other hand, has always taken a hard line with its online partners. Problems are handled by directly and merchants are strongly encouraged to please the customer. I've never had an issue that wasn't resolved to my satisfaction with purchases from partners. If maintains this level of customer satisfaction with thier payment service, I think they'll have a winner. If they push to make the service available for eBay auctions, something that Google should've done but didn't, then we'll really have somerthing to take about. (You have to wonder. EBay is encroching on turf by forming allianmces with direct merchants like Is pushing back?)



So another pay for insurance for transaction?

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