Amazon One Ups B&N, Drops Kindle to $189



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My wife and I each have had our own 1st Gen Kindles for the better part of 3 years now and we love the device. The selection from amazon is great and contrary to popular belief they have plenty of free books. The convenience of purchasing one book and loading it on multiple devices at the same time (under the same account) is great allowing my wife and I to read the same book at the same time. And as for external formats there is this great software called "Mobipocket eBook Creator", Google it.It converts any html, txt, pdf, doc… etc into a mobi format eBook that is readable on any kindle device. The convenience of the kindle PC and blackberry apps are also great tools incase I forget my kindle at home I can always pick up at work with an alternate device. And just one more thing… last year my wife dropped her Kindle in the bathtub, fully submerged for some unknown duration till she "woke up" and pulled it out. After dismantling the thing, cleaning it and completely drying it for a week, I put it back together and the thing still works great! Nuff said, great device Amazon.



...but I'll never use one of these things. Maybe for a novel, but when it comes to reading, I like the heft and smell of paper. I like to be able to take notes ON THE PAGE, jump around, look at the index and table of contents, dog tag the pages. A book is always there and ready to read, and sometimes, they actually last for centuries, if not, millenia. Books sit on your shelf, and act as a testament to your erudition. These gadgets, in my mind, are nothing but abominations. 



I always chuckle at responses like this. I'm sure there were people who said the same thing about cars, electricity and airplanes. Like them, you are a member of an elite group: The irrelevant minority. Abominations? Really, or is that pure hyperbole? These devices are as inevitable as the sunrise, so you might want to come off your high horse and try not to be so butt hurt over their existence. They won't replace books any time soon, they will only supplement them. They will both continue to have their time and place, with the e-reader book being the mule of the literacy world and the dead tree book being the leasure device.

Anyway, this is closing in on the price point I am looking for so I may soon get one myself. I am looking forward to it.

You know users... Buncha bitchy little girls.



Maybe 'abomination' is too strong a word, but I guess my point is, I'd rather just read a book...




It’s just silly to pretend that people who prefer physical
books are in any kind of minority, and if they were in an irrelevant minority,
then we wouldn’t have bookstores. Dedicated e-readers are less like airplanes,
and more like zeppelins (or pocket pc’s like the old HP IPAQ).

They’re just a temporary technology until something more
functional comes along like the airplane or the modern smartphone. For
e-readers it might be some kind of tablet devices, which could do what a Kindle
or Nook does, but also maybe let you play a game of chess too.

Anyway, we’ll see.



Me too. i mostly like carrying around a bigass book just to make me look smarter, lol.

but really, I just like being able to flip to any page, and to be free of technology at least for an hour when i read a book. thats why i prefer paper. 



Oh, goodness. That *sucks* for B&N. Considering that the differences between the two for most people are negligible, that's really awful for them. That $10 may very well be the deciding difference.

I own a nook, and I'm disappointed that this has happened. :(



Its not really as big a deal as you think.  I own a Nook too, and I completely love the thing.  Amazon had to do something to make their reader better, currently as far as I was concerned, they were not successful.  I did a lot of research between the two before I ended up buying the nook, and one of the big points deciding for me was choice.

Amazon has 0 choice.  If you want an ebook, you have to buy it from Amazon.  Smacks of Apple tyranny it does, thus leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  The Nook however, has no reservations.  You can freely by ebooks from, but any site that sells you ebooks in the proper format (and the nook supports a bunch) you can put on the nook via sideloading (ie the old fashoned way of hooking it up to your computer).  So sites like among others make for viable choices when shopping for a low price on an ebook.  Cause Lord knows I'm not paying over $10 for an ebook (thanks Steve, you ass).  Did you know Barnes and Noble offers a free book every friday?  I was shocked by that too.  Also, most libraries have access to a site that allows for "borrowing" of books in ebook format.  Simply use your library card, place a hold, then check it out as normal, and sideload it on your Nook.  Can't do that with a Kindle.

Really the rest of it is all garbage (on both readers, nook and kindle), the games, web browsing, meh.  IMHO, the $149 wi-fi only Nook is totally the best deal in ereaders right now.  I don't need 3G to download books, I never had a problem waiting til I was in a wifi zone anyway.  If I didn't already own a 3G nook, I would be buying it right now.  Amazon knows that B&N screwed them over on the $149 wi-fi only version, so its doing what it can to make itself competetive.  In my eyes, its still not.



I've held off buying either for various reasons, but at sub $200, and prices potentially going lower, it's definitely a change in the equation for me.

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