Amazon Offers Better Kindle Royalties in a Quid Pro Quo



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Can I resell them? Can I give them to friends? Can I loan them to my clients and relatives?

I'm not sure I'm willing to give up those features if DRM is involved.


Oh, and don't forget, Amazon can "unsell" a book as well. They've done it in the past. You buy it, but you don't really own it. You're just licensing it.



I usually don't shop at Amazon because I think Bezos is the devil (my opinion).  And I was really irked when several publishers forced Amazon and BN to sell digital copies of books for the same price as dead tree books because they "didn't want the lower price to tarnsih their brands and new books."  What a load of crap they were feeding us while taking money out of my pocket.  Hence, I held off on buying an ebook reader.

But this is really cool.  Bezos stuck it to the publishers by going straight to the authors and gave them a better deal.  I hope the authors call their publishers and tell them to stick their cartel-like pricing schemes where the sun doesn't shine.

Of course, that still doesn't make me want to become an Amazon zombie.  I'll still go to for my reading pleasures.  If this new pricing methods helps pull down the price of ebooks, hello nook.



If publishers catch on with this win-win offer, I'd like to see movie and music studios agree to a similar deal.



i agree with you completely. the music and movie industries should take notes.



Not sure if they will follow, but they def should. as a businessman this is a great business model. we all know that amazon is a behemoth in online marketing and sales...with this model, it would be silly to not follow. it will benefit the publishers in the end.

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