Amazon: Latest Kindles Selling Faster than Ever



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I like my nook, so I don't need a Kindle, but it's nice that ereaders are getting some popularity.


Keith E. Whisman

I visited a B&N store last week to find a book and there was a Nook sales person telling people how much better the latest Nook is. He said that the Nook had an awesome Battery life of up to 10 hours. He stated that 10 hours was far more than that of the Amazon Kindle. I spoke up and told him that the Kindle has a battery life of around 30 days and he said no it doesn't. I then told him, "I know it does because I have a Kindle that I've used daily for the past three weeks on a single charge and the battery indicator was still reading an almost full charge." 

He said that he had never heard that before. He was extremely dismissive towards me and I could tell that I was pretty much no longer welcome in that store. For the record I do like the Nook. It looks awesome. The screen is larger and it has that bad ass touch screen color LCD on the bottom of the device, which accounts for the ten hour battery life. 



You know, it's kind of strange, I applied for employment to that exact position at my own local Barnes and Noble. I didn't get the job, but fuck, I think I could have done it better than the people they end up hiring. It's like they're looking for someone who either knows nothing about the nook or is just willing to lie. I own a nook and know the ins and outs of it, but I guess that's not good enough when you're trying to lie about its specs, huh?



I wonder how many of these are upgrades vs new owners?  That would be good info to have.



I bought my daughter and her family a total of 3 now. we all love them and I plan on getting myself this new one this comming month. I can tell you the service is great and they cusomer support is next to none.


My daughter recently fell asleep with hers and rolled over on it which caused the display to fail. Called amazon they had her cycle the power switch to verify the display was broke. The very next day UPS was at the door with another. No questions asked.


The only draw back I can see is that it has no provision for an SD card. I plan to have all my computer/game manuals etc on it in pdf format so that I cn use them when troubleshooting or tweaking. You can load PDF docs onto it from your computer.



 The new Kindle is everything I want in an E-Book reader, except for E-Pub compatibility. Why, oh why, does Amazon have to not support E- Pub?

 So I wait for someone to come out with a E-Ink Pearl display that supports E-Pub.

I will eventually get a tablet just for magazines and textbooks and such. Straight reading, E-Ink all the way!


Keith E. Whisman

there are free converters available on the net.



I'm honestly considering both.  Of course a tablet will be more versatile, but you can't beat an item that's built to do a specific job, most of the time.  Not only that but I mostly read at night before bed, and the screens on tablets are supposedly the cause of peoples' inability to fall asleep as quickly because they make your brain more active.  That and I can't wait for an android based tablet.  Had my G-1 since 1.5, and look forward to everything it has to offer in the future.


Keith E. Whisman

I've got the Kindle 2 3G model that I purchased almost new off of Craigslist for $100 bucks. It kicks ass. I freaking love it. 

If you still can't stomach $130 bucks, check out craigslist, your bound to find prices hovering around $75 to $100 bucks for pretty much new kindle's. 

A lot of people get these things as gifts and don't like them or don't know how to use them so they sell them. 

A lot of people also purchase these things and after a month or two realize they don't use it or like it as much as they thought they would and again, rather than return it to Amazon, they sell them on craigslist or the newspaper. 

So if your frugal with you wallet like my family has to be, then you should look at other sources. In the end your going to have a bad ass Kindle. The only thing that will set you apart from everyone else that has one is how much less money your paid for yours.

And also remember when you goto look at a used Kindle make sure to ask how old it is. There are so many of these things being sold on Craigslist you really can shop around and get the newest one. Don't feel like you have to buy that scratched up Kindle just because you arranged for a meeting. Just apologize and tell them it's not what you expected. 




Made a pre-order for the WiFi version on July 29th, which I think was the day after they were introduced.  Initially Amazon had the ship date as August 27th, but now it says "you'll get an email when we have a better estimate".  


I realise that they sold out quickly, but still disappointed that, even after ordering as soon as the new model was announced, Amazon still can't give any indication of a ship date.


Can't wait for my new Kindle though, as I really couldn't justify the higher price tag.  $139 for the WiFi version, especially with a $25 coupon I'd received, makes it much more palatable.



I also waited for this pricepoint, cannot wait for delivery now



UPDATE: Just received a shipping notice (Aug. 25 - 5:30pm Eastern - Canada)

I opted for the base model (with WiFi only). The ship date for the first run was listed as August 27th but Amazon has since removed that from their site.



I ordered mine based on the price point.  I couldn't resist it.  Still not sure when it's shipping though.



I'm definately getting one. $130 is really reasonable in my opinion for a well-designed product. I love the new graphite color.

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