Amazon Kindle Sold Out Online



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The Kindle 3 is now showing as available for pre-order on Amazon's website.  This is of course why they were slamming out the old Kindle 2's with CDMA radio's via their Warehouse store over the past month.  Out with the old and in with the new.

There is both a Kindle 3 with WiFi only for $139, and a Kindle 3 with GSM 3G for $189.  Both are slated to ship August, 27th.





THE kindle is an e book reader. Books are black and white paper that you can read in low light with no anoying reflection. The Kindle is just that, easy to download books, easy and comfortable to read. It is not a wimpy computer wanna be like an iPad, it is a true e book reader. No reflection, no backlighting just an electronic book that works well.

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