Amazon to Kindle Fire Owners: You Mad Bro? Over-the-Air Update Will Cheer You Up



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It seems that another issue might be that people are comparing the Fire to the iPad, since these are pretty much the two most important tablets out there now. Realistically, though, the iPad costs more than twice the Fire, and sacrificing these minor things for a $300 price cut is something I'm fine with. 

If you ask me, the Fire is great for a $200 tablet, but it needs to be kept in that perspective. Sure, removable media and external volume controls would be nice, but at this price point, you have to make sacrifices. Between my books and my streaming options (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, even Subsonic), I'm a happy camper.



My main gripe has been with the comic books, many of the pages get repeated - sometimes they're duplicated over 10 times.  Incredibly annoying.  Couple that with inconsistent lack of zoom and you have a pretty lousy comic reading experience.

I would have thought for a Kindle device, something that's made for reading, the reading aspect would be the first thing they'd get right and let the rest of the features fall into place.


Hopefully this update will fix that



"Those aren't the only complaints people have with the Kindle Fire. The lack of a physical volume rocker, power button placement, and no expandable storage options are three other things early adopters have been disappointed with."

These are things that were noted before the actual release of the Kindle Fire.  People just need to stop jumping on bandwagons and buying products.  Being a more informed buyer (especially for technology) can lead to saving money and buying the wrong products.  I'm sure that people are frustrated with not having all these ADDITIONAL options on their end item. 


Honestly though, they should have done their homework before buying the thing. 

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