Amazon Inks Expanded Prime Instant Video Deal with NBCUniversal



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That and the article seems a bit backwards. Amazon doesn't make a profit really off of the Kindle Fires. They make a profit off the Prime subscriptions, Kindle Books, and the movie and tv episode purchases and rentals. So the added content isn't geared at selling more Kindles as much as it's about getting more people to sign up for Prime and buy movies and tv shows from Amazon. Now that their Apple app is out, it won't be much longer before they release the Android app to the rest of the android world.



The problem with Amazon Prime video is that every deal I see they get, is pretty much deals for content already available in Netflix, so as most people have Netflix (why wouldn't they, huge amount of content for $8/month), there really is no use for Amazon Prime video. I have Amazon Prime so once in a while I check it out to see if I see anything cool I can't access in Netflix, and haven't found a thing yet.

Another bad point in this day and age, no closed caption!

So, unless they can get content that is not available in Netflix, it's just a nice little perk you get if you have Amazon Prime, nothing more.



What horrible reasoning. This is the same stupid logic being applied as when Android came out and everyone complained about the amount of applications available. Obviously in the beginning the person to the front will have the lead but that will diminish over time. Netflix is in danger, not Amazon. You are short sighted.



I used to think that about Amazon Instant Video, but they've come a long way of late. Just last night I wanted to show my son (13) Waynes World. Netflix doesn't have it, but Amazon did. I've also been enjoying Fringe on Amazon that, as far as I can tell, Netflix doesn't have.
If I had to choose between one or the other I'd probably go with Netflix, but Amazon has been making some significant strides of late, and I'm not sure I'd answer the same a year from now.

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