Amazon Disses iPad in Latest Kindle Ad



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139.99+ for a single pair of sun glasses can you change the lenses out in them I dout it I know for a fact you can buy a pair of sun glasses for 100$ give or take a few. But you can change out the lenses in them for what ever the condtions or to suit what your doing ie playing beach volly ball, fishing, shooting at the range or hunting amber rules yes sir re bob now that is usefull!!!!

And I know its the coming of the ages and all but I still like a hard back book to read plus every thing else I do.



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"unlike the many Mac vs PC commercials we were force fed the past couple of years, Amazon makes a valid point here"

Oh so true!



Wow, these people are bad actors. The guy sounds like he's trying to do a Christopher Walken impersonation but without the accent. "How are you reading that. . .in this light?"



How about, "It's a book.  $9.99.  I actually paid more for this sandwich."


Seriously, when I read near water I use a book. 

Also I once lost a book on a bus.  Nice it wasn't $140.

Of course there is still the dead tree problem, but recycling helps.



Trees are renewable resources.  Most of the crap that makes up a kindle or tablet PC is a) not, is b) toxic and will c) spew said toxicity into a landfill for centuries to come.  Also, I can keep a paperback on my bookshelf for decades and pick it up and read it again, or simply look up a specific passage.  What are you going to do with your ebook in 10 years when it's no longer compatible with whatever technology exists in 2020?

If I could buy ebooks for $1.99 I would CONSIDER the possibility of thinking about maybe buying an ebook reader.  Presently, however, I can think of no argument in favour of doing so.




I'm not sure why some people believe they should be able to tell another what they should spend their money on.  To a large chunk of people, $140 for sunglasses would be inexpensive.  To those same people, spending a few thousand on a new computer would sound ludicrous.  It's all a matter of perspective, income, hobbies, etc.  I spend a large amount of money on guns and related stuff.  I have plenty of money left over for my rent and grocceries and enjoy my hobby--who is anyone to begrudge me my hobby?


To me, the way she says it in a low tone is because she thinks she got a really good deal on it--it cost less than my sunglasses and does all this!  It's also worth noting that you would be able to read a Kindle in direct sunlight with sunglasses on, which could be part of what they want to get across--it's not just legible in direct sunlight, it's downright easy to read!



come on guys what the add is saying is that she could have bought the mac product. after all she spent $130 for a pair of sunglasses!!!!

in her mind money is not the object, she just purchased what she thinks is better and it just happens to cost less.

marketing at its finest



What You are pointing makes sense.


Nice post man.






she could be asking him the same question in a dark room. 



When I want to read my kindle in the dark I use this amazing technique called 'turning on the light'.  Even when I want to use the iPad at night I don't sit in a dark room to use it.

I've got an iPad and a Kindle.  Love them both.  But man the screen on the iPad is like a mirror.  Even inside it can be a bit of a pain when you have lots of overhead lights.

The kindle does it's one thing very well.  I haven't even bothered putting the ibooks app on my iPad.  Of course that could also be because the bookstore isn't active in Australia yet :)



"It's a Kindle. A hundred and thirty nine dollars. I actually paid more for these sunglasses."

Then you, fair lady, are an idiot for spending more on a pair of sunglasses than your Kindle.  Yeah, I know she's just an actress, and it is just a line in the commerical, but really.  Where is the pride in spending too much for something that can be had for $20 at Target?  Or less?

And we Americans wonder why we're in such sad financial and economic conditions.

Would some please call Jeff Bezon and tell him to drop the keyboard on the Kindle?  When sitting next to a Nook or an iPad, Jeff's Kindle looks like and old 80's cell phone.  "Hey everybody, look at my cool device with a freakin' keyboad on it.  Ain't it cool man?  All those buttons?  Cool man."  (me punches the dork)



One of the coolest things about the Kindle is that you can shop and buy books from just about anywhere on the device itself (if you have the 3G model). Pray tell how one would search Amazon for a particular title or author without a keyboard?

It's also quite handy to be able to search books using the keyboard.



 someuid: Would some please call Jeff Bezon and tell him to drop the keyboard on the Kindle?

Have you used a Kindle?  The keyboard is a little useful.  I s'pose that it'd be uber-cool if they had a touch-screen keyboard, but eInk doesn't yet support the kind of refreshes that would make that functional without being truly anoying.

Jeff's Kindle looks like and old 80's cell phone.  "Hey everybody, look at my cool device with a freakin' keyboad on it.  Ain't it cool man?  All those buttons?  Cool man."  (me punches the dork)

I've never seen anyone be that douchey with their new product, even the sanctimonious iPhone/iPad owners.  Dorks punch back, btw.  Some are card-carrying members of the NRA.  Do you have anything constructive to say, or are you just going to carry on like a whiny bitch?



I don't know about her sunglasses or the stuff they sell at Target for reduced amounts; but a decent pair of 'ol AMERICAN Ray Ban's cost $140 at sunglass hut. Same as the Kindle.



"And we Americans wonder why we're in such sad financial and economic conditions."

I don't get what this statement has anything to do with anything.

I thought what kept the economy going was to spend your money. Sure, personal finances might be in the tubes because you were stupid to buy expensive sunglasses, but the economy rolls on. And most people in a bad financial state already know to buy the $20 pair of sunglasses versus the $139+ pair at a boutique (or bother buying sunglasses at all)

Besides, you should ask MPC to stop doing the annual Dream Machine. The 2008 model I thought was ridonkulous. Maybe MPC is an idiot for spending $10,000+ on a chrome plated PC that you could've easily built for $3000 or less... Or hell, why even spend $3000 on a PC when you can build a decent one that'll last for at least a few years for $1500?



Well, the idea behind the Dream Machine is to build the fastest ,most powerful, and nicest looking pc possible with the highest end parts that are available to consumers that year with cost not being a factor, not to build a an affordable, "decent" one.



MPC did do a more affordable one in 2009, it was around $3000 if I believe.

But that's beside the point I was trying to convey on OP of this chain's post.

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