Amazon Deal Brings Viacom TV Shows to Prime Streaming



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I mainly joined it for the free 2-day shipping and discounts--but have recently been viewing its streaming video. I got a Roku and it works very well with AP.
True, it doesn't have as much content as Netflix, but I think it'll get there fairly soon.
I'll keep resubscribing. I like it.



When will Amazon release a client for the PS3?



one of the big drawbacks of prime is that, while yes, they have all of this content, a lot of it you have to "buy" before you can stream it. Netflix allows you to rent. Most people only want to OWN a fraction of the TV and movies they consume. So yeah, sorry, but if i want to watch, say, Futurama Season 6, I'm not going to be leveraged over a barrel of having to order the physical DVDs just for the privilege of watching on my PC over the net, even if it DOES come with discount shipping.

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