Amazon Considering a Netflix-Like E-Book Subscription Service



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They do realize a service almost exactly like this has been going on for centuries right? It's called a public library... Granted, the digitalization and pricing structure of it is different, but when you check out a book from the library you're essentially renting it. 

That being said, I'm all for this, I think it's a great idea. I'm pretty much in favor of anything that encourages people to read more. However, PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC LIBRARY! They need us!



Really want to make this a great service? Throw in magazine subscriptions too. Prob only get away with limiting the number of mags you can check out per month but it would still be cool. If they do this, I want credit!


Jason Hopkins

Well this could be good depending on if they have limits on how many books you can read a month. I read at least three books a week. The biggest thing that gets to me is the fact that most of the E-Books on Amazon are more expensive than the actual books.  But that price is dictated by the publisher and not Amazon.



I would be behind a service like this 100%. I love my Kindle, but as it is, there are some books I want to read but don't want to spend the cash to buy. For those I use the orginial "all you can eat buffet style service", the library. But I would much rather have them on my Kindle.



I'd buy into such a service. Have to be priced right, as I only read probably a book a month. Maybe it could be like the nexflix DVD service where you can have one, two or three items out at a time, or even a 'buffet' option at a different price point.

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