Amazon Confirms Netflix App for Kindle Fire Tablet



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lol now THAT is what I call an ace-in-the-hole



Yeah that is nice and all, but it still doesn't help the hardware that is clearly deficent in the Fire. The amount of memory is the most glaring problem. Without an internet connection, you only have 6GB of storage to use. (2GB is used by the OS) When I am traveling, there will be a lot of occasions where I don't have a connection and will want the extra memory to store my movies and photos. 6GB isn't going to cut it. Something else that doesn't seem to get highlighted enough is Amazon's cloud service is only available for Amazon purchased content. You can't upload your personal files to it. That all said, the Nook Tablet is still the route I am going.



While I agree that the Fire should definitely ship with more than only 8GB of memory (and should also have an option for expandable memory), I believe you are mistaken about the Amazon Cloud service. I'm pretty positive that you can upload your own content to the cloud, however it will count against your cap. Any Amazon purchased content can be stored on their cloud service for free. That is to say, if you have 5GB of Amazon cloud can store up to 5GB of your own files, and as much as you want/can of Amazon purchased content.



I didn't know about the standard 5GB of free cloud storage that is available to everyone with an Amazon account. So you are right in that you can have 5GB of free storage of your non-Amazon content. Still, that is only 11GB of storage (if on WiFi) compared to 14GB on the Nook without WiFi. And the Nook is likely rootable like the previous version was.



The Fire will definitely be rooted as well as the nook tablet. Is doesnt really matter that it does not have an expandable slot as long as it still has a usb which is does. I have the fire pre-ordered and am contimplanting buying the nook tablet just to have it and am confident that both will be rooted eventually.

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